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The E-Class? Mark III-A Advanced model is economical to operate, requires minimum power, reduces material waste, easy-to-install, easy-to operate, and can lower your material costs. Unlike most desktop printers in this category, which use 100-meter ribbons, the E-Class? Mark III-A can use ribbons up to 300 meters in length. The longer ribbons are more economical than shorter ribbons and save time with less media change over.

The E-Class? Mark III-A is easy-to-use with an accessible print mechanism for quick media loading, a large graphic display, an array of communication options, language emulation software and Windows drivers that simplify the installation. It can hold a larger ribbon and media roll, plus its design and small footprint makes the Mark III-A ideal for high quality labeling.

Advanced model comes with Serial, USB, Parallel, Ethernet communication ports, faster print speed up to 5 inches per second, adjustable media sensor and can print labels up to 4.25 inch wide at 203 DPI.
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